Possible breakthrough for spinal cord injury

Spinal cord research shows tremendous promise and what our clients need to know about their workers comp benefits.

CNN is reporting on a study published in the Oxford Journal Brain that shows exciting promise in spinal cord research. Electrical stimulation is used to produce voluntary activity in paralyzed patients. Experts believe this could be an important step towards helping people walk again.

Paralysis is the most challenging medical condition that we see as workers comp lawyers. It requires a lifetime of medical care. This exciting news give us hope that better treatments are indeed coming.

Our experience has shown that insurance companies do not always tell people about available benefits. Here is what you need to know about workers comp in Michigan.

Experimental medicine

Many of our clients struggle to get their medical bills paid. It is a constant battle trying to get authorization for reasonable and necessary treatment. Experimental medical procedures are typically denied outright. Medical care under workers comp is a lifetime benefit and it is important to not give up hope. We suggest challenging any bad insurance company decision even if it comes years later.

Attendant care

Individuals suffering from spinal cord injury typically need help with activities of daily living. This includes bathing, getting dressed, using the bathroom, preparing meals, and taking medications. The insurance company is required to hire a nurse or other skilled individual to help with these activities. Family members can also receive payment up to 56 hours per week for providing this care. Watch out for insurance companies who refuse to pay a fair wage.

Home modifications

Some of our clients require home modifications to make doors, hallways, and bathrooms wheelchair accessible. Building a ramp is also typically needed. This must be paid by the insurance company. Sometimes it is more cost efficient to buy or construct a new home. Don’t let the insurance company save money at your expense.

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