Sports injury covered under workers compensation?

Social and recreational activities are covered under workers compensation in Michigan if required as part of your job duties.

Every few weeks something related to workers compensation makes the national news. It’s always eye-catching headlines and sensationalist journalism. Real problems such as employee misclassification and premium fraud are rarely investigated.

The latest story from ABC News follows a South Carolina man who was awarded workers compensation benefits after sustaining an injury playing kickball at a company event. Apparently, he was required to organize the game as a team-building exercise for employees. He shattered two bones in his leg and underwent two surgeries.

Some people are outraged that an employer would have to pay for a kickball injury but it was the correct decision. Here is what you should know about social and recreational activities in Michigan.

Social & Recreational

Workers compensation benefits are typically not available for injuries that occur in the pursuit of a social or recreational activity. This applies even when on a business trip and would otherwise be covered.

Playing a sport at the company picnic is typically a recreational activity. However, a person has a claim for workers compensation benefits if they are told by their employer to play. You must look at the major purpose of the activity to determine whether an injury is compensable.

You may also have a claim if a social or recreational activity was a required part of your work duties. You might find yourself injured while attending an after-hours gathering that you had to plan or organize.

Some Michigan cases have been decided based upon the location of injury. You may be covered under workers compensation if it happened during a social or recreational activity on your employer’s premises.

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