We like you BUT ever been hurt on-the-job?

What potential employers can find out about past workers’ compensation claims from the Agency.

Many people are worried about future employment options after a workers’ compensation claim. Getting hired by a new employer who thinks you are just a liability is a big concern. It also doesn’t help when special interest groups maintain that everyone is a fraud.

The truth is that fraud is very low in the workers’ compensation system. Accident Fund says it involves less than 4% of claims. Most people simply recover and get back to work.

Misconceptions about the system are why people face discrimination. Workers’ compensation is not welfare and nobody gets rich earning just 80% of their wages. Refusing work will cause an immediate suspension of benefits.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Michigan law permits employers to request information about contested workers’ compensation matters through FOIA. Agency files are generally open to the public for inspection and copying. This would include types of injuries and settlements.

Voluntarily paid claims are exempt from disclosure under FOIA. This information cannot be obtained without a signed consent from the claimant.

Most workers’ compensation claims are not contested. If you suffered a broken toe and went back to work two weeks later it should not be an issue. Read more about the Agency’s FOIA policy below.

If you believe an employer is discriminating against you or asking illegal questions, call an experienced attorney.

Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers never charges a fee to evaluate a potential case. Our law firm has represented injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Call (855) 221-2667 for a free consultation today.

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