Neurosurgeon pleads guilty to criminal acts

Update on local doctor accused of performing unnecessary spinal surgeries and defrauding millions from insurance.

3812999850_e2bb2e0d89_mWe blogged about Dr. Aria Sabit in December 2014. He was accused of misleading patients, performing spinal fusions without implanting intended medical devices, and billing for services not performed. At least one of the patients listed in the complaint was being treated for a work condition.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Sabit has now pleaded guilty to performing unnecessary spinal surgeries and unlawfully billing government and private insurance companies $11 million for the operations. Sabit admitted he convinced patients to undergo spinal fusion surgeries with medical stabilizing devices that he actually never used. In some instances, he billed insurance programs for implants, when in fact the implants were tissue.

Sabit owned and operated Michigan Brain and Spine Physicians with various locations in Metro Detroit. He faces between 9 years and 11 plus years in prison.

Individuals who treated with Sabit could be eligible for additional benefits under workers’ compensation. This would include medical examinations and revision surgery if necessary. Any patients who treated with Sabit should also investigate a possible medical malpractice claim.

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