Lessons from a NFL quarterback

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 50 despite multiple neck surgeries.

3813001790_3d7bc33260_mWe blogged about Peyton Manning back in 2014 when he played in Super Bowl XLVIII despite four spinal surgeries including a cervical fusion. Unfortunately, the Denver Broncos lost that game and many thought he was done with professional football.

Peyton Manning got a shot at redemption and played in Super Bowl 50. We thought his story could be an inspiration for many of our clients who suffer with similar problems and struggle getting back to work.

Herniated disc

Sports Illustrated has an excellent article written by Alexander R. Vaccaro MD, PhD about neck injuries in the NFL. He explains how a cervical disc herniation can pinch a nerve causing shooting pain. In severe cases, it can result in arm numbness and weakness.

Dr. Vaccaro says herniated discs in the neck are a common problem for athletes. However, most are able to make a complete recovery. Even individuals who undergo surgery can return to high-energy contact sports.

We see herniated discs in many of our cases. They can occur from small actions like twisting or turning your neck.


Peyton Manning is an obvious outlier. He has access to the best doctors and could retire a millionaire if necessary. He will also most likely have pain for the rest of his life.

We encourage our clients to get the best possible medical care under workers’ compensation. Some respond to conservative treatment like physical therapy. Others require fusion surgery with metal rods and screws.

Most people who undergo a cervical fusion are going to have long-term restrictions. It can take a year to make sure the bones are actually fused.

Just because a person is unable to perform their job does not mean they are totally disabled forever. We tell our clients to not give up hope. It is possible to return to work, even after a cervical fusion.

Michigan law requires payment of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. You can also select your own doctor after 28 days. The secret is making the best of your workers’ compensation benefits.

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