Warning: Scam Alert!

Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) warns of scam targeting individuals with the promise of a monetary award.

A notice has been posted by the WCA regarding a potential scam and we want to help get the word out. Several people have been contacted about money they can receive from the “Workers Compensation Appeals Board,” an entity that does not exist. The caller also seeks personal information and requires a check be sent before funds are released.

This sounds like a classic scam. It is designed to steal your identity and defraud you of money. Don’t fall for it! Here are the only legitimate times you will receive money from workers’ compensation in Michigan.

Weekly Indemnity Checks

Wage loss benefits are available for disabled people hurt on-the-job. Weekly checks are sent by the self-insured employer or insurance company directly. The WCA does not process or take possession of these funds.

Voluntary Payment Form

Many disputes about wage loss benefits are resolved through a compromise. This is when a case has been filed and the parties agree to voluntarily resolve their differences. A Voluntary Payment Form is signed by the magistrate and payment becomes due upon mailing. A check will be sent to you from the self-insured employer or insurance company.

Redemption Order

This is a legal document signed by a magistrate. It shows the total settlement amount and to whom checks should be issued. Payment will be sent by the insurance company to your address. A workers’ compensation case cannot be settled without approval from the magistrate.

Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers never charges a fee to evaluate a potential case. Our law firm has represented injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Call (855) 221-2667 for a free consultation today.

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