Warning about horseplay in the workplace

YouTube video shows man dressed in a bear suit chasing co-workers around a construction site.

It is always a struggle to find blog topics that people find informative and entertaining. No problem this week as viral video shows what happens when a man dresses up in a bear suit and chases his co-workers around a construction site.

This seems like good fun but shows the dangers of horseplay in the workplace. Watch the video closely and take note of how the poor guy trips and falls at the end. It is funny to watch but no laughing matter if his workers’ compensation claim was denied.


Michigan courts have found a certain amount of horseplay to be expected in the workplace. It can reduce stress and help people get along better. Injuries that occur during horseplay can still be covered under workers’ compensation.

However, extreme behavior can be considered intentional and willful misconduct leading to a disputed claim. It is also possible for a co-worker to lose the protection of the exclusive remedy provision and be sued for an intentional tort.

Bottom line: Please do not dress up in a bear suit and chase your co-workers around a construction site.

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