Have you been scheduled for a so called IME?

WXYZ Channel 7 News exposes IME abuse in the Michigan workers’ compensation system.

TV reporter Kim Russell did an excellent job investigating workers’ compensation. She exposed a side that not many people know about. How insurance companies use the independent medical examination (IME) to unfairly dispute benefits.

This is a topic we have covered extensively. Why it is time to stop calling them “independent” and needing rules to stop abuse. We should allow claimants to record these examinations and permit discovery of financial records.

Statistics tell even more of the story

Accident Fund says “actual fraud in the workers’ compensation industry involves less than 4% of claims.”

A Garden City, MI doctor performed 1258 IMEs in just 1 year. His reputation is widely known yet insurance companies use him over and over again.

The pure premium advisory rate will decrease by an average of 6.9% in 2016. Michigan employers have now seen a 32.7% decline since 2011 saving an estimated $327 million.

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