Approved claim is only half the battle

How insurance companies obstruct the payment of Michigan workers’ comp benefits in voluntarily accepted claims.

Most of our workers’ comp cases are not what you might think. We are usually fighting over claims that have been voluntarily accepted by the insurance company but not all benefits are getting approved.

We know how stressful and confusing it can feel. Here four warning signs that you might be in trouble with your own benefits.

1. Independent Medical Examination

It is common practice for an insurance company to send a person to an independent medical examination. These doctors are not really independent and make careers out of testifying in disputed cases. No doctor-patient relationship is established. A simple report will be produced with an opinion about work restrictions and future medical care. This report can be used to dispute payment of medical treatment regardless of what your own doctor believes.

2. Nurse Case Manager

The insurance company might also hire a nurse to do medical case management. This is to assist with scheduling of medical appointments and to help you get better quicker. Our experience shows aggressive nurse case managers are hired to manipulate work restrictions and save money on medical costs. Watch out for nurse case managers who go behind your back and speak with the doctor alone.

3. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Many of our clients are excited to learn that a vocational counselor will be setting up a meeting. Finding a new job can be difficult when a person is suffering from disability. Unfortunately, the insurance company has other intentions. Michigan law permits a reduction of weekly benefits if the insurance company can show you have a “wage earning capacity.” A transferable skills analysis and labor market survey will be completed. Benefits will be reduced or stopped just because the insurance company says you can find another job.

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