Does the Michigan workers’ compensation system really provide a better value proposition?

Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) publishes new study comparing outcomes of injured workers in Michigan with 14 other states.

WCRI has published another fascinating study about workers’ compensation in Michigan. This time it compares outcomes with 14 other states. Midwest states included in the analysis (Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin) had 47–80 percent higher costs per claim than in Michigan.

The goal is to help Michigan policymakers and stakeholders better understand how different systems compare and identify ways for improvement. The outcomes examined include recovery of physical health and functioning, return to work, earnings recovery, access to medical care, and satisfaction with medical care.

Michigan saw outcomes that were similar to the median study state on most measures with two exceptions. There was a higher rate of achieving return to work and a lower rate of problems getting desired medical care. You can obtain the full report on the WCRI website.

Human cost

According to another 18-state survey published by WCRI, Michigan had the largest decrease in indemnity benefits (wage loss) per claim of all states in a 36-month period.

Michigan has seen its pure premium rate drop 32.7 percent since 2011 resulting in savings of $327 million for businesses.

People like our client, Tim Carr, have their wage loss benefits slashed to $19.00 per week based upon made up jobs that a vocational counselor says are available.

We would like to see a metric that examines the adequacy of benefits. Can a person support his or her family on the amount that is being paid under workers’ compensation?

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