LARA gets search technology upgrade

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) launches Agency Document Management System (ADMS) and makes searching for Michigan workers’ compensation opinions much easier.

searchWe have been critical of Governor Snyder’s Michigan Dashboard system in past blog posts. It was advertised as an easy way to evaluate performance of various state agencies but lacks important metrics. For example, the MiScorecard for the Workers Compensation Agency (WCA) looks at cost per claim for employers but does not consider the human cost for employees. Are claimants receiving enough wage loss benefits to support their families? Is medical treatment being provided in a timely fashion?

The MiScorecard for the WCA also shows a failing grade (red) for electronic data compliance. What it does not show is the amount of money allocated for technology upgrades. We have long argued for an online portal that would permit other filings, including the Application for Hearing or Mediation. Many other states have this functionality.

We are pleased to see LARA introduce the ADMS system and include workers’ compensation opinions. You can now search magistrate opinions and Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission (MCAC) opinions by keyword. This is not just a great research tool for lawyers but also creates more transparency for the general public.

Search by magistrate or commissioner and see how they view a specific topic or issue. This can be very handy when evaluating chances at trial or negotiating a settlement. Check out the screenshot posted above for an overview of how the search works.

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Agency Document Management System (ADMS)

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