Side effects of spinal cord injury mitigated with human stem cells in mice

New research using human stem cells shows promise for reducing chronic pain and bladder dysfunction.

A fascinating article was posted on regarding human stem cells being used to reduce chronic neuropathic pain and bladder dysfunction in mice. Researches used a novel approach of implanting stem cells into regions where circuits are known to be overactive. Broad dispersion and integration into the spinal cord were seen six months after the procedure. Mice receiving the stem cell transplants showed decreased over grooming compared to controls. This technique could lead to better treatments for humans.

We are always looking for scientific breakthroughs and new medical treatments. These are important to our clients who suffer from the effects of spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, experimental medical procedures are not generally approved under Michigan workers’ compensation. But it is good to know that scientific breakthroughs will eventually lead to better medical treatments. Here is what you need to know about medical benefits.

What is reasonable and necessary medical?

Michigan law requires insurance companies to pay 100% of all reasonable and necessary medical costs under workers’ compensation. This includes doctor visits, surgical procedures, hospital stays, prescription medications, and other items for the treatment of a work injury.

Medical care is a lifetime benefit. Disputes occur when a procedure is considered unproven or experiential. It is also very common for an insurance companies to say additional treatment is not really needed.

Disputes can always be challenged in court. It is also possible to settle a claim and use this money to seek medical treatment without insurance company interference.

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