Michigan Workers’ Comp Pop Quiz!

Take our Michigan Workers’ Comp Pop Quiz and see if you are getting all the required benefits.

Q1. How much wage loss is paid?

Michigan law requires payment of 80% of the after-tax average weekly wage. This can be calculated using the highest 39 paid weeks before injury. It should include overtime and bonuses.

Q2. How long do workers’ comp benefits last?

Lost wages continue while a person is disabled from work. Insurance companies can reduce weekly payments based upon residual wage earning capacity and age. Medical treatment continues for as long as needed.

Q3. Can you be forced back to work?

Employers have the option of providing light duty or reasonable employment instead of paying lost wages. This is a job within a reasonable distance from home that does not violate work restrictions.

Q4. Who pays medical bills?

Insurance companies are required to pay all reasonable, related, and necessary medical bills. No co-pays or deductibles should ever be owed.

Q5. Can you select your own doctor?

Individuals hurt on-the-job can choose their own doctor after 28 days from the start of medical care.

Q6. Must a person attend the IME?

Insurance companies have the legal right to have a person examined from time to time. These doctors are not independent and make careers out of testifying in workers’ comp cases. Refusing to attend the independent medical examination (IME) will result in an automatic cut-off.

Q7. Do you get mileage reimbursement?

Keep track of all miles to and from doctor appointments. You should be paid travel reimbursement at .535 cents per mile. It also possible to get reimbursed for meals and lodging.

Q8. Will family members get paid to help around the house?

Family members can receive payment for up to 56 hours each week. This is to help with activities of daily living. A prescription from a doctor is typically required.

Q9. How do you challenge an insurance company decision?

Insurance companies routinely stop workers’ comp for unfair reasons. It is up to the disabled employee to file a case and seek additional benefits. A magistrate will determine who is correct and issue a formal order.

Q10. Can you settle workers’ comp?

Individuals on workers’ comp are permitted to cash-in future benefits for a lump sum payment. This allows them to do their own medical and vocational rehabilitation without interference or delay.

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