Help with addiction is just a telephone call away

Warning for individuals taking prescription opioids and why help for addiction is just a telephone call away.

We have blogged about the opioid crisis on several different occasions. President Trump just declared it to be a national emergency. This will free up federal dollars for additional treatment programs.

Treating symptoms of chronic pain can be very difficult. Addiction to painkillers is something that happens to people on workers’ comp. It can lead to overdose, illicit drug use, and even death.

Here are some questions about workers’ comp and addiction treatment. We encourage anyone who feels like they have a problem to reach out for help.

Is addiction treatment covered under workers’ comp?

Michigan law requires all medical treatment be paid under workers’ comp. This includes help for addiction related to prescription painkillers. There should never be any co-pays or deductibles that you owe. Do not let cost get in the way of help you need.

Will I lose my weekly comp checks while in treatment?

Individuals on workers’ comp are entitled to receive 80% of their lost wages. Weekly benefits continue until a person can successfully return to work. This includes time away for addiction treatment.

What kind of options are available?

A treatment plan should be created by a doctor of your choosing. Some people do better as an outpatient while others must be admitted into an inpatient facility. All reasonable and necessary treatment options should be covered. This includes other medications that are needed to relieve the effects of a work-related medical condition.

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