Sample Settlement Statement

What plaintiffs need to know about attorney fees and reasonable expenses in a Michigan workers’ compensation case.

We have previously blogged about attorney fees and reasonable expenses. Our clients always want to know how much they will receive when a settlement is final.

Here is an example of a settlement statement. Included are typical expenses, attorney fees, $100 redemption fee payable to the State of Michigan, direct payment to a physician’s office and funding a Medicare Set-Aside.


Total Redemption Settlement Amount:                                        $180,000.00

Attorney Expenses Under R408.44(5)

Subpoenaed medical records:                                   $95.00
Medical witness fee:                                                    $1,500.00
Court reporter:                                                             $400.00
Vocational evaluation:                                                $600.00

Total expenses:                                                                                                $2,595.00

Attorney Fee Calculation Under R408.44(3)(4)(7)

15% of first $25,000                                                   $3,750.00
10% above $25,000                                                    $15,240.50

Total attorney fees:                                                                                          $18,990.50

Redemption Fee (Payable to State of Michigan):                       $100.00

Direct Payments

Medicare Set-Aside                                                     $25,000.00
ABC Physician Group                                                 $2,500.00

Total direct payments:                                                                                   $27,500.00

Net Amount to Plaintiff:                                                                     $130,814.50

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