Ford testing exoskeletons for its employees

New technology being used to prevent shoulder injuries while performing factory work.

Channel 4 (WDIV) is reporting that Ford Motor Company has introduced exoskeletons for its employees. They are designed to help employees avoid fatigue and injuries while working on the line. It provides upper-body support and shifts weight to the legs. This is to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hopefully prevent injury.

“The health and safety of our membership has always been our highest priority,” UAW-Ford Vice President Jimmy Settles said in a statement. “With the proven success at the piloted locations, we look forward to expanding this technology to our other UAW-Ford manufacturing facilities.”

We applaud Ford and the UAW for this innovative approach to employee safety. Shoulder injuries are some of the worst that we see as Michigan workers’ comp lawyers.

Shoulder problems from work

Repetitive arm movements, throwing items, and heavy lifting are the usual causes of shoulder problems. People who work overhead are especially at risk. Common shoulder injuries include rotator cuff tear, SLAP tear, and shoulder impingement/tendinitis. Surgery is a typically recommended.

Our clients who suffer shoulder problems have trouble getting back to their regular jobs. Permanent restrictions are usually required and they must be retrained for a new position.

Michigan law requires payments of all medical treatment under workers’ comp. Wage loss benefits should also be paid if unable to work. Vocational rehabilitation helps disabled employees transition to a new career.

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