Winter Solstice 2017

Snow, ice, and wind bring potential danger for employees working during the cold winter months.

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and it is going to be a long few months. Michigan has already seen an initial taste of snow and ice this season. Watch out for crazy drivers and slick pavement.

Even the toughest Michiganders can get hurt in the winter. Workers’ compensation pays lost wages and medical treatment regardless of fault. This includes situations immediately before or after work hours.

Here is a warning for people about cold weather danger. Know how to stay safe and understand your legal rights if something happens.

Auto Accidents

Michigan law does not generally cover going to and coming home from work. However, there are some important exceptions. These include special missions for the employer, paid travel in the form of mileage or a company car, and excessive travel risks. Driving for a job-related task should always be covered.

Parking Lots

Slips and falls are common winter accidents. If an employee is hurt while on the employer’s premises where the work is done, within a reasonable time before or after hours, it is usually presumed to be covered. Getting hurt off premises might also be covered if traveling in a direct route from a company designated parking area.

Working Outside

Frigid temperatures and high winds are not just uncomfortable weather events but also potentially dangerous. Hypothermia and frostbite are serious medical conditions. Wear appropriate clothing, know when to seek shelter, and never take a chance with your life.

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Driving for work in winter weather

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