List of 25 most dangerous jobs in America

Workplace fatality data shows most dangerous jobs and why Michigan families are not getting the compensation they deserve.

USA Today has published a fascinating article listing the 25 most dangerous jobs in America. Fatality rates for each of these jobs are more than double the rate across all occupations. Some are twenty times more dangerous! This article is a must read for anyone working in these industries.

Statistics published by MIOSHA show 38 workplace deaths in Michigan during 2017. Victims range in age from 19 to 80. Occupations represented include crane inspector, mechanic, maintenance worker, public service worker, welder, general laborer, carpenter, laborer, iron worker, oven operator, journeyman/technician/lineman, environmental chemical application, grain elevator worker, roofer, farm hand, equipment operator, pipe-fitter, superintendent, tow truck driver, driver, farmer, bus attendant, coil handler.

Workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy against the employer if an on-the-job fatality occurs. Benefits are limited to a $6,000 burial expense. A spouse can also seek up to 500 weeks in wage loss benefits if he or she can prove factual dependency. A tough burden of proof if the spouse has their own job. Children under the age of 21 can also seek wage loss benefits under specific circumstances.

Fixing Michigan’s workers’ compensation system is long overdue. Spouses and children should be classified as dependents regardless of other support. It is time that we put Michigan families ahead of corporate profits.

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