Brain implant boosts memory in patients with TBI

New technology shows promise for helping people with traumatic brain injury.

The New York Times has published a fascinating article regarding a brain implant that can help with memory. It offers a new strategy for people suffering from traumatic brain injury. The implant acts like a pacemaker sending electrical signals through the brain. Scientists noted a 15% memory boost in patients using this technology. While still experimental, it shows great promise.

We have represented many clients suffering from traumatic brain injury. Some recovery quickly while others suffer from lifetime issues. Symptoms include memory problems, dizziness, headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, seizures, and personality change.

The saddest cases we see are for people who refuse to get needed medical attention. They find themselves quick to anger and unable to deal with family or coworkers. A correct diagnosis has never been made and they suffer in silence.

Michigan law requires all reasonable and necessary medical treatment be covered under workers’ compensation. This includes emergency medical care, medications, surgery, rehabilitation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Individuals with a traumatic brain injury might also need speech therapy and counseling. Vocational rehabilitation can be required to help a person transition to new career.

Medical procedures considered experimental are not covered under workers’ compensation in Michigan. However, individuals with a traumatic brain injury are entitled to lifetime medical benefits and future treatments are sure to be established.

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