Save insurance companies money at your expense!

Our satirical list of top 10 ideas to save insurance companies money through workers’ compensation reform.

Michigan workers’ compensation law went through major changes in 2011. These reform efforts have led the way to greatly reduced employee benefits and huge insurance company savings. The pure premium rate has now declined 45% with estimated businesses saving of $446 million.

Sunday is April Fool’s Day and it is time again for our annual top 10 list of ridiculous items. We think laughter is the best medicine and great for reducing stress. In the spirit of David Letterman’s classic top 10 lists, here are some ways to save insurance companies money at your expense.

#1. Workplace accidents must be reported within 60 seconds or claim forfeited.

#2. FBI interviews all employees seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

#3. DNA sample must be turned over to insurance company to check for preexisting conditions.

#4. Medical care outsourced to India and provided via tablet.

#5. Mother-in-law only relative who gets paid for attendant care.

#6. Lost wages paid in Walmart gift cards.

#7. Chinese factory provides transitional work 7000 miles away.

#8. Disabled employee must hire, train, and pay their replacement.

#9. Disputes handled by TV judges in game show format.

#10. Lawyers are not allowed except for insurance companies.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by sam_churchill.

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