Part 1 of 3: Why wage loss benefits get disputed

Insurance companies dispute wage loss benefits when an employee refuses “reasonable employment.”

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that almost all Michigan employers are required to buy. It pays wage loss benefits to employees hurt on-the-job who cannot work. It also protects employers from negligence lawsuits.

Insurance companies look for any dumb excuse to dispute payment of wage loss benefits. This is done to save money and maximize profit.

We have seen excuses ranging from “under investigation” to “employee intentionally hurt themselves.” Here is what you need to know about disputes based upon reasonable employment.

Reasonable Employment

Michigan law says an insurance company does not have to pay wage loss benefits if an employer provides a job within doctor restrictions. This is called “reasonable employment” or “favored work.” It is sometimes called “light duty.”

Reasonable employment is a job within an employee’s capacity to perform that poses no danger to health or safety. It must also be within a reasonable distance from an employee’s home. Failure to attempt reasonable employment will result in a dispute of wage loss benefits.

Reasonable employment is not limited to jobs within an employee’s qualifications and training. Some employers give jobs that are humiliating or tedious with the hope that the employee walks out. Bad employers will purposely ignore doctor restrictions and sabotage job offers.

We tell our clients to attempt any job that is offered. Bad employer behavior can always be challenged in court.

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