Scam Alert: Watch out for promises to send money

Warning about scam that is designed to steal money and identity.

We received another telephone call from an individual scammed out of cash. He was promised workers’ compensation money if he sent a $300.00 fee. This was a total rip-off and he is now out $300.

Watch out for unsolicited promises to send workers’ compensation money in exchange for a smaller cash payment. Do not send anyone gift cards, checks, or money orders. This is a scam designed to steal your money and identity.

Michigan workers’ compensation is only available to people hurt on-the-job. Payment is coordinated through your employer or its insurance company. Benefits are intended to replace lost wages when you cannot work. Medical bills are paid directly by the employer and/or insurance company under a fee schedule.

Settlements must be approved by a magistrate at a court hearing. You must have agreed and signed off on your legal rights. This requires a notarized affidavit. A document called a Redemption Order will show the total amount on money and where checks are to be mailed.

You will never be offered a cash settlement unless you have a workers’ compensation claim. Benefits will not be paid more than two-years back. Agency staff will never promise to send you money. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

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