Mental Health Month (May 2019)

Raising awareness about poor mental health in the workplace and how to seek help.

Work Stress

Poor mental health is not something employees think about while on-the-job. It can be triggered by general work stress, difficult coworkers, or bad management. Sometimes dealing with the effects of a physical injury can lead to emotional problems.

We have seen poor mental health result in anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Employees feel helpless and their work performance suffers.

Many of these employees refuse to seek help because of the stigma attached to mental health issues. We hope this blog post helps raise awareness and encourages employees to get help.

Workers’ compensation

Michigan law provides workers’ compensation benefits to employees who suffer from a mental disability caused by their employment. It must arise out of actual events from the workplace and the employee’s perception must be reasonably grounded in fact or reality. Employee reactions will be judged on a subjective-personal basis but contribution from other life factors will be examined.

Medical treatment should be covered 100% without co-pays or deductibles. This includes prescription medication, therapy, and hospitalization. Lost wages will also be paid if an employee cannot work. The amount should equal 80% of the employee’s after-tax average weekly wage.

Seeking medical help

There is no simple test to show what a person is feeling or how it impacts their life. We recommend speaking with a medical professional if poor mental health is a concern. Help is available through workers’ compensation.

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