Happy Halloween!

Our annual list of Halloween candy ideas for scary people involved in your workers’ compensation case.


Fox News published an article about the worst Halloween candy for 2019. This is perfect timing for our annual list of Halloween candy ideas for the scary people involved in your workers’ compensation case.

We think laughter is great medicine and it helps reduce stress. Claimants must deal with a variety of professionals and some of them can be downright awful. Let us know if you agree or disagree with these candy choices.

Claims Adjusters

Responsible for investigating, analyzing, and paying workers’ compensation benefits. Our experience shows they start off sweet but get more sour as the claim progresses. This is especially true if a claimant has been unable to return to work or medical bills keep adding up. Telephone voicemails go ignored and people are left in the dark about their claims. We recommend SweeTarts for these individuals.

Defense Medical Examiners

Watch out if you have been scheduled for a so called “independent” medical examination. These doctors are used by insurance companies to dispute payment of workers’ compensation benefits. Do not be fooled by the defense medical examiner. It does not matter what color M&M’s you get because they all taste the same.

Nurse Case Managers

Insurance companies use nurse case managers as their eyes and ears on the ground. They follow claimants into examination rooms and report back on personal activities. Our experience shows they attempt to limit medical treatment options and manipulate work restrictions to save money. Nurse case managers cause more problems than they solve. Nobody likes sugar free candies that have a bad aftertaste.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors

Michigan law was changed in 2011 to allow the insurance company a credit for “wage earning capacity.” It does not matter if the disabled employee finds a new job or not. Phantom wages are used to offset weekly checks. One of our clients saw his payments reduced to $19 per week based upon one job found by the vocational rehabilitation counselor. We do not think any candy should be given to these folks because they can find their own sweets at a different house.

Private Investigator

Private investigators are routinely hired to perform activity checks and conduct video surveillance. Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be reviewed for incriminating evidence to be used a trial. A claimant might be followed to medical appointments or while running errands. Snap decisions are made about claims based upon this questionable information. Private investigators should be given candy corn because they are lurking everywhere, and nobody really likes them.

Defense Attorneys

We are found of referring to defense attorneys as the cheap neighbors down the street. They attempt to settle cases for less than full value. We suggest giving them a few loose pennies instead of candy.

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