Does Workers’ Comp Cover Laminectomy Surgery?

Does Workers' Comp Cover Laminectomy Surgery?

Michigan lawyer discusses a workers’ comp laminectomy surgery and how it should be covered 100% without copayments or deductibles.

We know how difficult a spinal injury can be for someone hurt on-the-job. Employees are protected under Michigan workers’ compensation law. It is a safety net that guarantees payment of medical treatment and lost wages regardless of fault. Unfortunately, insurance companies look for any excuse to dispute valid claims. This is particularly true with something as serious as a back or neck injury. Here is some information about workers’ comp laminectomy and how to protect legal rights.

We frequently take cases that involve spinal injuries. Lifting heavy objects can result in a herniated disc. Sometimes twisting and turning while performing a physical activity will also cause this problem. Even a traumatic event such as a fall or a blow can be the cause. It is important to give the correct history to a doctor to ensure it is appropriately documented. This is especially true when someone has preexisting arthritis.

Discs between individual vertebrae in the spine can be damaged from trauma. This is sometimes called a herniated disc, slipped disc, disc protrusion, or ruptured disk. These disc injuries often result in symptoms of pain, weakness, and numbness. Nerves can be irritated or pinched resulting in symptoms down a leg or arm. This is called radiculopathy and it can be life changing. A physical examination in conjunction with an MRI is typically needed to make an accurate diagnosis. If conservative treatment like physical therapy or epidural injections fail, a doctor might recommend workers’ comp laminectomy surgery.

Laminectomy is a procedure that creates space in the spine by removing the lamina, which is the back part of a vertebra. It is also called a decompression surgery. This procedure helps remove pressure and alleviate symptoms. While it can help with pain that radiates down the leg or arm, many people still experience low back pain. This becomes an issue when the insurance company assumes a person is fine after surgery.

A workers’ comp laminectomy surgery should be covered 100% without copayments or deductibles being owed. The same coverage applies for after-care like physical therapy and prescription medications. Attendant care should also be covered, and this pays up to 56 hours per week to family members who are helping with activities of daily living. A mileage reimbursement should be paid for every single medical appointment that must be attended.

Insurance companies dispute workers’ comp laminectomy surgery because it can be related to arthritis. Watch out for IME doctors who say problems are strictly degenerative and just part of the aging process. It is important to speak with an experienced lawyer should a dispute occur. Evidence from a treating surgeon can be used to refute this position and it will be up to a magistrate to decide who is correct. Most of these disputes end up being settled for a lump sum cash payment.

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