Can I Get A Settlement From Workers’ Comp If I Go Back To Work?

Workers’ comp lawyer discusses settlement after a return to work in Michigan.

Can I Get A Settlement From Workers' Comp If I Go Back To Work?

Many of our clients want to know about settling a claim. A lump sum cash payout is an attractive option for employees who want to finish medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation on their own terms. So when clients ask “can I get a settlement from workers’ comp if I go back to work in Michigan?” we tell them the answer is ‘yes,’ under the right circumstances.

Future benefits can be traded for a lump sum cash payment. This money can be used for any purpose including medical treatment, vocational retraining, higher education, paying off debt, and retirement. But not everyone is going to qualify for a settlement. Keep reading to find out the different situations that may occur.

Can I get a settlement from workers’ comp if I go back to work in Michigan for my current employer?

Most people who get hurt eventually return to their jobs. If medical bills and lost wages have been paid, there is no additional workers’ comp benefits that are owed. The insurance company is not responsible for additional money, so they have no incentive to pay a settlement.

If an employee returns to work under restrictions but might lose his or her job in the future, there is a possibility of future wage loss benefits. This is enough incentive for an insurance company to pay a settlement. The same is true if additional medical treatment might be needed in the future. An employee would be asked to resign his or her current employment so the money paid should be worthwhile. Sometimes the insurance company goes “off the risk” and no longer insures the employer. Under this circumstance, it is possible to get a settlement and keep the job.

Employees who find their workers’ comp benefits disputed can file a case. A Voluntary Payment Agreement can be negotiated instead of a settlement. Money will be paid for medical bills and lost wages. An employee does not give up his or her job and can seek additional benefits in the future.

Can I get a settlement if I work for a new employer?

Our experience shows that employers get rid of people who are hurt on-the-job. This is especially true if restrictions are going to keep a person from ever returning to their specific position. Michigan law does not guarantee employment when someone is on workers’ comp. In this situation if you are asking yourself “can I get a settlement from workers’ comp if I go back to work in Michigan?” our position would be that this situation is ripe for settlement because there is nothing to lose.

How much is paid for settlement is going to depend upon insurance company exposure. Wage loss benefits are only paid if someone is not actively working. Therefore, a settlement will be much less if someone goes back to work for a new employer. It is important to speak with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer before returning to work in Michigan to ensure the highest settlement amount is paid.

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