Cervical Spine Injury Workers’ Comp Settlement Explained

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer discusses settlement after a cervical spine injury.

Cervical Spine Injury Workers' Comp Settlement Explained

We know how difficult it can be for an employee hurt on-the-job. This is especially true after cervical spine injury. It can result in work restrictions that make a job impossible and significant medical bills. Chronic neck pain can also interfere with a person’s ability live a normal life. Here is some information about cervical spine injury workers’ comp settlement.

Claims for on the job neck and spine injuries are common. They can occur from car accidents, repetitive movements, being struck by an item, bending and twisting, or a variety of other activities. Some of our clients report cervical spine injury from constantly looking down in their jobs.

Common diagnoses after this type of neck injury include herniated disc, slipped disc, annular tear, pinched nerve, and radiculopathy. Treatment usually consists of physical therapy, prescription medications, injections, and fusion surgery.

Claims for on the job injuries are often disputed by insurance companies for many reasons. They understand the potential for lifetime benefit payments, and they do not want to accept the cost. Many of our clients want a cervical spine injury workers’ comp settlement to avoid a potential cut-off.

Reasons why these injury claims are disputed

Insurance companies think of arthritis as a magic bullet to dispute payment of work injury benefits. This is usually found after the independent medical examination (IME) has been completed. Unfortunately, these IME doctors are not truly independent and make careers out of testifying against employees hurt on-the-job. A disabled employee cannot refuse to attend the IME because it will result in an automatic suspension of work injury benefits.

This spine injury is sometimes difficult to diagnose and treat. It is hard to pinpoint the exact source of neck pain and even more difficult to prove that it was caused solely by a work-related accident. Watch out for new symptoms like increased neck pain or numbness down an arm.

Insurance companies tell people that neck pain is just part of the aging process. They argue it is nothing but degenerative disc disease. Watch out for a low-ball cervical spine injury workers’ comp settlement. We recommend getting a second opinion from a doctor who is trusted whenever there is a neck injury. Almost everyone develops arthritis in their spine as they get older. This fact does not mean that a person is not suffering from a work-related disability.

Average cervical spine injury workers’ comp settlement

Statistics published by the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency show the average settlement amount for an on the job injury in Michigan was $58,641.58 in 2019. This is not much for a person with a significant disability. Many people get more for an injury when evidence shows permanent work restrictions and lifetime medical benefits are needed.

Medical evidence from a treating physician should be used to argue for a larger payout. It is critical that a change of pathology be established when there is preexisting degenerative disc disease. A treating doctor can also give an opinion about work restrictions and what types of jobs are prohibited.

Insurance companies do not want to overpay, and they know value of cervical spine injury workers’ comp settlement. An experienced lawyer can ensure that a fair amount is paid by developing evidence and through negotiation. Attorney fees are easily made up through a larger settlement offer.

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Cervical Spine Injury Workers\' Comp Settlement Explained
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