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Employee misclassification is a big problem that must be fixed!

Watch out for bad employers who attempt to evade paying workers’ compensation by calling you an independent contractor and how to protect your legal rights. The Detroit News has reported on a new enforcement unit created by Attorney General Dana Nessel to combat employee misclassification and payroll fraud. It will investigate employers who break the […]

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What factors decide if a person is an employee?

IRS revenue ruling 87-41 and the factors used to determine employment status under workers’ compensation in Michigan. It seems like the issue of employment status comes up on a regular basis. Many of our clients get called independent contractors when they are in fact employees. This can make all the difference when claiming workers’ compensation […]

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Warning about roofing. How much is your life worth?

Warning about Michigan roofing companies and being classified as an independent contractor. Did you know that falls are the leading cause of death in construction? People who survive usually have lifetime medical problems. Many are unable to return to gainful employment. We have found roofing companies are some of the worst offenders when it comes […]

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Let’s make employee misclassification legal!

Senate Bill 0645 is a gift to the trucking industry and why it must be opposed. We have previously blogged about employee misclassification and fraud. How it improperly shifts medical costs to other payers. This ends up increasing taxes and insurance premiums for everyone. Some of the worst offenders are in the trucking industry. Drivers […]

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NFL cheerleaders win class action certification

Why should you care if NFL teams are misclassifying their cheerleaders as independent contractors. CNN is reporting that cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills can proceed with a class action lawsuit against the team. The main issue involves alleged misclassification of employees as independent contractors. This led to unfair pay and less workplace protections. NFL cheerleaders […]

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What’s the big deal about employee misclassification?

A warning about trucking companies who intentionally classify drivers as independent contractors. A growing problem in the trucking industry is “employee misclassification.” This is when a company deliberately calls its drivers independent contractors. They are paid wages with a 1099 and required to purchase occupational accident policies that are mostly inadequate. Some drivers are even […]

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Employee? Independent Contractor? Who really knows?

Michigan Supreme Court Opinion: Failure to satisfy any one of three criteria in MCL 418.161(1)(n) will exclude an individual from employee status. The issue of employee vs independent contractor has been debated for years. This important distinction means the difference between collecting workers’ compensation benefits or sometimes having no recourse at all. Michigan courts have […]

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