What Our Clients Say


“I was able to start fresh and open a new business debt-free, thanks to the work comp settlement Alex got me”

“I got in contact with Alex Berman as he was highly recommended by my liability attorney as the work comp lawyer to go to in Michigan. Alex got me an awesome work comp settlement. He also fought with to try and get me the medical benefits I was owed, which work comp was disputing. He got them paid for me and I didn’t have to think about it after asking Alex for help. I was not able to return to my previous line of work so I was able to start fresh and I was able to start a company debt-free thanks to Alex. Alex is really personable and Jeff Kaufman, who also helped with my case was very good too. Both lawyers were very knowledgeable, knew how to deal with my case and the opposing defense attorney. It was a great experience.”
– Brandon H, Holland

“Alex is a nice guy and fantastic attorney”

“Alex Berman is a nice guy and fantastic attorney. When he represented me in my work comp lawsuit he explained everything really well and we settled with workers comp in Michigan. He was really friendly and available. Everyone in his office staff is really great too. If somebody is looking for a capable work comp attorney who treats you right, I would recommend him.”
– Philip S, Hamtramck

“You didn’t allow the corporate bullies to get away with stepping on the little guys”

“Alex, your firm and coworkers were all so kind and professional. I appreciate your due diligence and the results thereafter. I am truly satisfied and will always recommend this firm to others. You didn’t allow the corporate bullies to get away with stepping on the little guys. Thanks for everything.” – Jaqueline Henderson, Detroit

“Exceeded my expectations”

“Alex exceeded my expectations for my workers compensation case. He is a top quality lawyer and I highly recommend him. He helped me tremendously.” – Muheeb Nabulsy, Dearborn

“Jeff told me he had everything under control and he did”

“I had a tricky case and was very doubtful that anyone could help me out with my situation. Jeff told me he had everything under control and he did. Everything with my work comp case worked out very well. Jeff was extremely responsive and got me my compensation. I would give him straight A’s.” – David Schneider, Tecumseh

“I’m extremely happy with the results Jeff got me”

“I had surgery on my right arm when I was injured it at work. I’m not able to lift it and had to have screws put in. While I was off recovering from surgery, my job got privatized and workers comp stopped all of my income. When I called someone in Lansing to complain, they suggested I hire a lawyer. I’ve never had to hire one before so I was not really sure what to expect. Jeff was great and was very good about getting back to me with phone calls and updating me. He always explained things to me and made the process run smoothly. I’m extremely happy with the results Jeff got me and my experience with this law firm.” – Lynne A., Milford, Michigan

“Jeff and Alex were very helpful and handled everything”

“I fell at work and injured myself pretty bad. I thought everything was going fine with my recovery until my employer told me they didn’t need me anymore due to my work restrictions. Then my workers comp insurance wanted to settle. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I contacted the law firm. Jeff and Alex were very helpful and handled everything. Jeff negotiated for me and was able to get my disability and SS benefits. He was always willing to answer my questions and explained the process and how things would work. I was very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.” – Mike Estes, Livonia, Michigan

“I would have been lost without Dennis”

“My insurance didn’t want to pay my bills anymore, so I reached out to Dennis Morse to find out what my rights were and what they could do. He was a very professional and helpful attorney. Every time I called he would always call back within an hour. I would have been lost without Dennis. I felt relieved that I had someone sticking up for me and taking care of everything for me – so I didn’t have to worry. A true, experienced professional.” – Jeff Henning, Saginaw, Michigan

“Extremely happy with my settlement”

“I was supposed to see a specialist after being injured on the job and my insurance kept delaying it. I hired Jeff Kaufman’s law office to take it over and he gave me a good recommendation. Every time I called, Jeff would always call me back quickly if he wasn’t there. I was extremely happy with my settlement and would definitely recommend him and Michigan Workers Comp to anyone who needed help with an injury.” – Robert Petty, Plymouth, Michigan

“Alex and Jeff were true miracle workers”

“After I was injured at work, Alex Berman really calmed me down and walked me through everything, reassuring me. My benefits were cut off after a doctor said I could go back to work before I was ready. I had another attorney named Jeff Kaufman. He was so polite and helpful and allowed me to finally have my day in court. It was an awful situation and I was able to get some money to help me while I was injured. Alex and Jeff were true miracle workers. If you have any questions or concerns about your injury case, they’ll help you and take some of the stress away.” – Joyce Peck, Hastings, Michigan

“Treated me like a family member and not a client”

“I met with attorney Alex Berman a year into my injury. My health insurance had been wrongly terminated. He went to bat for me and did things for my lawsuit I couldn’t do after my surgery. He took care of everything while I was recovering and took away a lot of my stress. He and my other lawyer Jeff Kaufman were always on standby whenever I needed to talk to someone. They were in contact with me during the entire process. They are very kind and treated me like a family member and not a client.” – Michelle Kissell, Wyandotte, Michigan

“I got a higher settlement then what I would have gotten without having an attorney”

“I was originally going to try to handle my workers comp case without an attorney, but realized I was going to need one. I got a higher settlement then what I would have gotten without having an attorney. I was very pleased with how my case was handled. Alex Berman was very professional and willing to answer any questions I had. He prepared me for what was coming, and what to expect at my hearing, which really helped make me more comfortable. Dennis Morse was great as well, calling me back promptly and handling issues with my case. I would definitely recommend anyone to Alex and his workers compensation law firm.” – George Tanner, Brighton, Michigan

“Alex Berman and Dennis Morse were by my side throughout the entire ordeal”

“It was a constant battle to get compensation for my at work injuries, but Alex Berman and Dennis Morse were by my side throughout the entire ordeal. I really appreciated knowing that when I had a question or concern for what was going on, that I had both of them to answer my questions and guide me along the way. They always returned phone calls and made me feel comfortable with the process. I would recommend Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers to any injured worker.”– Robert Evers, Clinton Township, Michigan

“Alex is a good workers compensation lawyer because he truly cares”

“I’ve known Alex Berman for 20 years and I’ve sent 30 to 40 people to him because he is an amazing lawyer. Alex has handled all of my cases, which have ended in success. But what’s just as important is how he treats me. If Alex is in court, he will call me back – even in the evening on a cell phone on his time. I don’t know the phrase for workers comp attorneys, but if he were a doctor, I’d say Alex has a wonderful bedside manner. He has a great personality. He truly does care about you and your case and he’s very honest. He’s an all around great guy who really cares about people. My story is I had a work-related injury (got stuck in a press at work) and my case was being disputed because my workers comp benefits were cut off for no reason. Beyond my injury and benefits case, Alex fought for me when my factory shut down and I didn’t get my severance package because I was on medical restrictions. He worked his butt off to fight for us and 37 others. He did the best he could for everybody. I believe the reason Alex Berman is a good workers compensation lawyer is because he truly cares about people. I’m lucky to have him in my life.”– Margaret Sparks, Garden City, Michigan

“I took a chance because I trusted Alex Berman”

“I needed a workers compensation attorney because of my conditions on the job. I was a CRT Operator, and by working on the computer all day, I developed carpel tunnel and trigger finger, and neck and shoulder problems that caused me to have surgery. This made it impossible to use my hands. I called Mr. Berman to see what I could do. He took my case. It took less than a year to resolve it and he enabled me to get my workers compensation benefits. He was very patient. He gave me a long consultation and assured me he could help me. I took chance because I trusted him. Mr. Berman was very cooperative. He was also very thorough with calling me back and explaining the details and timing of my case. And if he wasn’t in town because of another client, he would always have someone return my call right away. I was very pleased with him. So pleased in fact, that I referred a whole lot of workers to Alex Berman. Two of their cases have already been resolved.” – Pearl Anderson, Detroit, Michigan

“Jeffrey Kaufman is so caring – yet he can get the job done”

“I’ve been through a lot of hardship, and Jeffrey Kaufman has helped me through much of it. I had a knee injury at work and they stopped my workers comp. I had two knee surgeries, a torn ACL and a head injury. I was unable to work because of short-term memory loss and headaches. Last but not least, I ended up having breast cancer and I found out a month ago it was in my spine and my pelvis. When I hired Jeffrey to help me with my workers compensation case, I was on chemotherapy at the time. I remember him saying that I don’t deserve this injustice (of having my workers comp benefits cut off). He was so caring – yet he could get the job done. He always said, “it’s not about me, it’s about you.” And Jeffrey Kaufman is still helping me with issues even though my case is over. He always called be back and answered my phone calls. When I was too sick to talk, he would communicate regularly with my friends to make sure I was taken care of and always knew what was going on. I felt Jeff was smart and knew the law and I was confident in his ability. I ended up getting workers compensation benefits, even my back benefits – everything. He got me my disability too. Jeff is unbelievably kind-hearted – to the point he would make sure I got to my car safely. If I ever had any other problems, I wouldn’t even think twice about going to anyone else. He is a very good attorney.”– Michele Zech, Warren, Michigan

“Our lifetime lawyer”

“Jeffrey Kaufman handled my husband’s workers compensation case. He was a bricklayer and injured at work. They cut off his workers compensation benefits. I was so worried about having to call an attorney. What if they couldn’t do anything? What if my husband didn’t get his workers comp benefits paid? He was the breadwinner in the family. But Jeffrey made me feel like everything was going to be okay. He comforted me, and told me not to worry. As time went on, I trusted him more and more. I knew he was doing a good job and I eventually stopped worrying, because he took care of everything. I can’t say enough good things about him. I’m very satisfied with what Jeffrey has done and how he responded to us. Every time I called, he called me back right away. Jeffrey never had me wait. He’s a very nice man and I would do more business with him any time. I would recommend anybody to him. We’re going to have him as our lifetime lawyer.” – Rose Giordano, Macomb, Michigan

“My fears were put to rest”

“I worked for DTE Energy, cooking coal in ovens that were 3,000 degrees. For about three years, I shoveled coal for up to three hours a day. It wore on my back and elbow. I have real bad tendonitis in my elbow and the bottom disc in my back was completely obliterated. I had to have my spine fused and have been off work since. DTE was claiming I couldn’t come back to work unless I was shoveling again – which I will never be able to do because of my injuries. Me and my wife were terrified of the whole legal process. DTE was my job, and to call a lawyer and talk about suing your place of employment was really scary. I never wanted to do that, but I had no other alternative. I had to feed my child. My workers comp lawyer was Jeff Kaufman and he was awesome. Once I had a conversation with him, I felt my fears were going to be put to rest. It wasn’t a matter of it’s was going to happen but when. Jeff worked it out so through my contract with DTE, I could still get paid after I was injured. DTE said I couldn’t get paid, even though that was my right according to my contract. I’ve been very happy with everything Jeff has done. He was very professional. Jeff never steered me in wrong direction and to me, he is brilliant. He was always very thorough, too. If I didn’t understand something, he would break it down and explain little by little if that’s what I needed. He would make sure I knew what he was talking about. These past two years have been really hard – we’ve been struggling with the bills, foreclosure, etc. But Jeff made the outcome a lot better. I don’t think I could have come out any better for the circumstances.” – Scott Lance, Southgate, Michigan

“Very quick to respond to phone calls and questions”

“My workers compensation was cut off and they said my injury was not work-related. But I was injured at work. I was putting some cases away and the cases slipped out and fell against my leg. My leg was so injured and swollen and I shredded the tendons in my ankle. Of course my employer sent me to their doctors at the clinic, and they said there was nothing wrong and sent me back to work. I had heard some great things about this workers compensation law firm – and what I heard was true. The staff was very polite, got me in there right away, took down all of my information and proceeded with the case. Jeff Kaufman is very personable, just a really nice guy. I thought he did a good job handling my case. It was settled and I received a monetary amount. It’s plenty to take care of myself, given I cannot work anymore due to my injuries. If I knew someone who was in my shoes, I would tell them that Jeff helped me with my workers comp case and he was very quick to respond to phone calls or questions I had.” – P. W., Clinton Township, Michigan

“Now I don’t have to worry about my workmans compensation benefits”

“I never had an attorney before and the process was unfamiliar to me. But it was evident Stephen Kaufman knew was he was doing. I used to be a trucker. I was injured when I on top of a tanker for loading purposes, I stumbled on a hatch and broke my femur in half. he was easy to talk to and he explained things to me so that I could understand him. Stephen handled my workmans comp case and he made that go pretty smoothly. He was responsive to all of my questions about workmans compensation and called me on a regular basis to appraise me of the situation. Stephen won my case and it was all in the preparation. What a stress relief. Now I don’t have to worry about whether I can receive my workmans compensation benefits.” – David Bryson, River Rouge, Michigan

“He can walk on water – he’s that good!”

“I worked at Ford and I hurt myself on the job. I injured my back and I had three herniated discs and two pinched nerves. My back got worse and worse and they give you the run around at work – trying to tell you that you did it at home. So they put me on workmans comp and then cut off my benefits. So I found Steve Kaufman. He was good, and I liked him very much. He’d tell me what was going on and I appreciated that. You could always call him and talk to him. Steve made sure my workmans comp benefits were provided for and he fought for me. So I try to send anyone I can to him. I tell people he’s not God but he’s probably the closest thing. He can walk on water, he’s that good! Being from Monroe County, many people around here get attorneys from Ohio. They don’t realize the drive to Farmington Hills is less than an hour away and the best workmans comp attorney is right here. I highly recommend this law firm. I think they’re outstanding.” – Donald Sharp, Newport, Michigan

“It’s good to have good guys on your side, especially when insurance medical examiners are out to get you”

“I was injured on the job when I was sandblasting and lifting 80 pound bags. I had a herniated disc and two surgeries. Accompanying that was mountains of medical bills, a lot of doctor treatments and specialists that were covered by my workers comp. But I have a strong opinion that had I not been informed of my rights through the Berman law firm, I would have gotten stuck with a lot of those bills. As soon as you get hurt on the job, the clock is ticking. Your employer sends you to the occupational clinic. The clinic told me I had a strain, but the pain was so severe. I know what a strain is from doing hard labor all my life, so I followed up with my primary care physician, and that showed a lot more – a disc tore in my back where it bears the weight of your whole spine and nerve pain. From the beginning, I knew even with workers comp covering me, it’s good to get advice from a workers comp attorney. At one point, they did cut off my benefits. That’s where the Berman law firm got involved and got me a settlement. My lawyer Dennis Morse, who specializes in workers compensation lawsuits, was very down to earth. I had spoken to lawyers before about other issues, but Dennis was different. I didn’t feel like he was looking down on me. He treated me like a person. He was really easy to talk to and always there for me. There was never a time he didn’t call me back or get on the phone right away. That’s important when you go through this: An injury victim needs someone to tell you the ins and outs, because the insurance companies and have a lot of time to figure out how to lessen the blow. They tried different things with me. Sending me to independent medical examiners and hoping I wouldn’t show up so they could deny my workers compensation claims. These “independent” medical examiners can be very intimating, too. They ask very pointed questions. On my first visit, I noticed they had at least five cameras and as many recording devices in the office. Dennis made sure I knew these insurance doctors were not really my friends and that they’re out to scare me. It was advice like that that meant the world to me. I would call him for information on what to expect, because dealing with those insurance doctors was intimidating. This law firm is great and Dennis is great. These guys took time out to help and inform me. So it was very comforting, especially under all the pressure I was under at the time being injured, worried about my future and worried about these insurance companies and these doctors. It’s still comforting to know you have somebody there to help you… It’s good to have a good guy on your side.” – Brian Duchaine, New Boston, Michigan

“The insurance companies only care about their bottom line”

“I was treated poorly with workers compensation, so I called an attorney to represent my side of the story (I hurt my back when remodeling kitchens). It took me a year before I called an attorney because you always hear of some attorneys that are gold diggers just out for the money. But I knew at the point workers comp started giving me a hard time that my workers comp benefits were going to be cut off. I was over my head and wanted someone to help me. Dennis Morse changed my mind about the typical lawyer stereotype. Dennis and I clicked right away. He was very personable and he understood my position. He was wonderful in handling my case. He just seems as though he takes personal interest in being there. In fact, I felt like I was the one person he was representing instead of many people. Dennis has a very genuine nature about him and he always put me at ease. My case is finished but I still talk to him on a regular basis. He’s followed up and made sure everything is going the way it should. I now tell anybody and everybody I come in contact with that knows someone on workers comp that they should contact Dennis Morse. You can’t do it by yourself. The insurance companies structure everything to their benefit and heck with the person who got hurt. I’ve learned they don’t care of about anything other than their bottom line. That’s why I think it’s wise to get someone’s input even if things with your workers compensation benefits in Michigan are going well. Dennis has complete workers comp legal experience, where the normal person doesn’t. The normal person is just worried about getting better – but eventually most people get their workers comp benefits cut off.” – James Smith, Royal Oak, Michigan

“Dennis Morse believed in us, and now my husband can hear again.”

“My husband was hurt. Over the course of the last 10 years, his hearing has gone bad. We went for a physical and found out he’s 85 percent deaf in both ears – not even 40 years old. So he needed to be fitted for double hearing aids. These hearing aids cost over $5,500 for a pair every three months and there’s no way we could ever afford that. The workmans comp insurance company said they wouldn’t cover these expenses, and that his hearing lose was so extreme for someone his own age, that it wasn’t work-related. I called a dozen attorneys and no one would listen to me, let alone help me, until I found Dennis Morse. He was the first one to finally believe in what we were saying and he was the only one that cared. We were only fighting for hearing aids. I can’t say enough good about Dennis. Anytime I called, he was so personable on the phone. And he didn’t make you feel like he was too busy for you. He truly made you feel like you are his only client. And if I needed an answer, he always followed up; he never left me hanging for a long period of time. Because Dennis Morse believed in us, workman’s comp bought my husband’s hearing aids. His whole world has opened up because he can hear.” – Carey Merritt, Monroe, Michigan

“A knowledgeable workmans compensation law firm that has been around a long time”

“Attorney Dennis Morse represented me for workman’s comp. He was successful in obtaining my benefits. I was involved in a train accident and I’ve never worked since then. Dennis made sure I was compensated and taken care of in a proper manner. I went through all the medical treatments, surgeries and physical training and a settlement was reached eventually. Dennis is knowledgeable, fair and honest. He would let you know what was right, what was wrong, the proper protocol or direction to take. He didn’t beat around the bush. He was up front. And I trusted him. He was prompt to get back with me had I called and he was busy. I was also pleased with how all of the staff treated me. This is a knowledgeable workman’s compensation law firm that has been around for a long time.” – Larry Cholette, Taylor, Michigan

“My workers comp checks would get delayed and I needed someone to help.”

“My workers comp checks would get delayed and I needed someone to help. Attorney Jeff Kaufman was very helpful with me. He was a buffer and made things happen so I started receiving my checks again. It was a smooth transition with no hiccups. I was always able to get a hold of Jeff, and if he wasn’t in the office, he would always call me right away within the same afternoon. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who gets hurt on the job in Michigan. He got a settlement for me and it was more than I was expecting.” – Bryan Session, Farmington Hills

“Handled my case just how I wanted”

“After I got hurt at work and my insurance was paying, but after they sent me to their own doctor who said nothing was wrong with me, I hired Jeff Kaufman. Every time I called, he always called back quickly. Everything that he told me would happen did. Jeff was a very friendly and a personable lawyer who talked to me in regular terms – didn’t talk over my head. He handled my case just how I wanted. I was very happy with my settlement and would recommend him to anyone going through a workplace injury.” – David Cunningham, Redford

“Phenomenal… helped me with getting my Blue Cross bills paid”

“Jeff was phenomenal and really helped me after I hurt my neck at work. He was on time for meetings and always returned my calls. He also helped me with getting my Blue Cross bills paid. I would absolutely recommend him and the whole firm. Jeff and the firm did everything they were supposed to do for me and my case.” – Ricardo Perfetto, Brighton

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