Governor Rick Snyder proposes elimination of the WCAC

Michigan workers comp lawyer explains how Governor Rick Snyder’s Executive Budget eliminates the Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission (WCAC).

The Executive Budget for 2012 and 2013 is big news around Michigan.  A budget provision that is not getting much attention is the elimination of the WCAC.

In the Governor’s own words

“The Governor streamlines the state’s worker compensation dispute resolution process by eliminating the Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission, saving nearly $1.2 million general fund annually. The number of cases reaching the commission declined by 68 percent over the last ten years to 173 in 2010. Employers and employees may appeal Board of Magistrates decisions to the Court of Appeals.”

What is the WCAC?

Both employers and employees have the right to appeal decisions from the Board of Magistrates. The role of the WCAC is to hear these appeals. A panel of commissioners reviews trial transcripts, depositions, and briefs but a new hearing is not held.  A magistrate’s findings will not be disturbed if free of legal errors and supported by substantial evidence.

How will the Michigan Legislature react

The Legislature must act to implement this budget provision. There will most likely be some hearings and the law will have to be amended. With both the house and senate controlled by republicans, this is expected to occur.

How will this affect the injured worker?

What this means for cases pending at the WCAC is unknown. Updates will be posted frequently.

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