Governor appoints commissioners to decide workers compensation appeals

Michigan workers compensation attorney lists new appointments to the Compensation Appellate Commission.

A recent executive order from the Governor changed how workers compensation cases are appealed. The Workers Compensation Appellate Commission was abolished and the Compensation Appellate Commission was created in its place.

The new Compensation Appellate Commission will hear appeals for both workers compensation and unemployment cases. All authority, powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities for both the Workers Compensation Appellate Commission and the Employment Security Board of Review have been consolidated into the Compensation Appellate Commission.

Both employers and employees have the right to appeal any unfavorable workers compensation decision.  The role of the Compensation Appellate Commission is to hear these appeals. If it is found that a magistrate’s decision is free of legal errors and supported by substantial evidence, then it will not be disturbed.

Meet the new commissioners

Jack Wheatley is appointed as chair and Danielle Brown, Garry Goolsby, Patricia Halm, Lester Owczarski, Greg Przybylo, L’Mell Smith, George Wyatt III and Neal Young are appointed as members.

“I am confident these appointees will work efficiently and effectively on appellate decisions to best serve and protect the citizens of Michigan,” Snyder said.

Detailed biographical information on each commissioner can be found in the press release.

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