When should you call a workers comp lawyer? Right now!

Michigan workers comp lawyer explains why you need advice immediately following a work-related injury and how to make sure that you are receiving the correct benefits under the law.

Many people who call our office are unsure about hiring a workers comp lawyer. Most of them are currently receiving workers comp benefits and don’t know what else to do. They are afraid that hiring a workers comp lawyer will be expensive or will jeopardize their entitlement to benefits.

We want you to know that hiring an experienced workers comp lawyer can be the most important decision that you make. You cannot count on your employer or its insurance company to do the right thing. This might be your life but the insurance company just cares about its bottom line.

Many individuals who are on workers comp eventually find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They are told by their employer to report back to work regardless of their medical restrictions. Some are paid at the wrong weekly rate or even find their benefits cut-off. You might also be told that you have fully recovered from your injury and that future medical treatment won’t be covered.

Call an experienced workers comp lawyer immediately

Michigan workers comp law is extremely complicated and mistakes are easily made. It is important that you speak with a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law.

An experienced workers comp lawyer will be happy to discuss his or her qualifications with you. Find out how many workers comp cases are handled per year and if the lawyer has actually tried any recently.

Don’t be intimidated from getting the help you need. Workers comp benefits cannot be stopped because you spoke with or hired a lawyer. The insurance company has already hired its lawyers.

Find a workers comp lawyer who can monitor your claim and advise you on issues before they even occur. All contact is private and confidential. Sometimes an experienced workers comp lawyer can help you resolve minor issues without making his or her presence known.

Don’t wait until workers comp benefits are stopped to seek help. You might be putting your claim in danger without even knowing it. This occurs frequently when you are offered favored work by your employer and don’t know how to respond.

You pay nothing out of pocket to hire a workers comp lawyer

An experienced workers comp lawyer will not charge you a fee to discuss your case. You pay no fee unless your workers comp benefits are restored or you receive a settlement.

Attorney fees for workers comp cases are set by law. A workers comp lawyer can only charge 10% if the case is settled and you are currently being paid benefits. A lawyer can only charge 15% of the first $25,000.00 and 10% on the remainder of any settlement if workers comp benefits have been disputed.

You pay no attorney fee if you don’t receive workers comp benefits or a settlement. Telephone and office consultations are always free.

Understand your workers comp rights in Michigan

Insurance companies often take advantage of people who are not represented by a lawyer. You may receive a small settlement offer because the insurance company is betting that you need the money and don’t know your legal rights. An experienced workers comp lawyer can advise you as to the true value of your case and a larger settlement will always offset any attorney fee.

Call (855) 221-2667 for a free consultation with an experienced workers comp lawyer in Michigan. We will make sure that your workers comp benefits are protected and that you receive maximum compensation under the law.

Alex Berman is the founder of Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers. He’s been representing injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years.  Alex has helped countless people obtain workers comp benefits and never charges a fee to review a case.

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