Predicting worker outcomes in Michigan

Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) examines factors that influence worker outcomes in new eight state study.

Insurance Business America has an interesting article about the top predictors of workers compensation outcomes. It looked at findings from a recent study published by WCRI.

Turns out that fear of getting fired and pre-existing medical conditions are major influences on return-to-work programs. You can order the Michigan study from WCRI.

We are not surprised by these findings and have long advocated for better conditions in the workplace. In fact, health and wellness programs have been shown to decrease workers compensation costs across the board. Here is our 2 cents on improving employee outcomes.

Open Communication

No employee should fear for his or her job after a work injury. Open communication is the best way to avoid unnecessary litigation. Many of our clients simply want to get back to work. Knowing a job is waiting for them is a great motivator.

We also get panicked telephone calls from individuals who don’t understand their workers compensation rights. These people have legitimate questions about medical treatment and lost wages. Simply telling your employees when benefits are expected to begin reduces stress and anxiety.

Health and Wellness

Wellness programs have been shown to reduce workers compensation costs. Healthier employees are less likely to get hurt and return to work faster. This results in lower insurance premiums and greater productivity.

Other positive benefits include improved employee recruitment, retention, and morale. A small investment in employee health could produce big dividends.

Reasonable Employment

Michigan law has gone through significant changes in the last several years. The most controversial involves automatic reductions for “wage earning capacity.” This is when an insurance company says a person can work but no actual job is offered.

We encourage employers to provide reasonable employment if possible. This is work within an employee’s restrictions set by his or her doctor. Employees should be given the chance to be productive despite their limitations.

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