First Day of Winter (Winter Solstice) 2014

Winter safety for people working outside in the colder months.

The first day of winter was on December 21, 2014. We will soon be facing the dreaded snow and ice that accompanies the season.

People who live in Michigan are accustomed to this weather. However, the first snowfall always causes extra problems.

Here are some issues to consider when working outside in the colder months.

Driving hazards

Just because you are an excellent driver does not mean you are necessarily safe. Watch out for aggressive drivers and slippery road conditions. Make sure that your vehicle has plenty of fuel and is in good working order.

A person who is hurt in an auto accident while on-the-job is entitled to benefits from workers comp. It does not matter who was at fault! Workers comp pays medical bills and lost wages.

Additional benefits from your automobile insurance might also be available. You can even collect pain and suffering from the driver who caused the accident.

Exposure to the elements

Hypothermia and frostbite are serious medical conditions that must not be ignored. Ice and snow also creates a major slip and fall hazard. Dressing in weather appropriate clothing could be the smartest thing you do.

Never push yourself to the point of danger and don’t take risks with your life. A little common sense goes a long way to keeping you safe.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by rkramer62.

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