3 ways employers can reduce workers comp costs

Michigan workers comp lawyer discusses how employers can save money by treating their employees better.

This post is dedicated to employers who read this blog. Our law firm is not who you want to see when your employee gets hurt on-the-job. It means the claim is going into litigation and we are going to maximize the amount of money paid under workers comp.

Whether you are self-insured or have insurance, unnecessary litigation is going to cost your business money. Here is a secret that defense attorneys won’t tell you: Treating your employees better can actually be a smart business decision. Here are 3 easy ways to start reducing costs.

1. Start a health and wellness program

Health and wellness programs have been proven to reduce workers comp costs. Healthier employees miss less time and recover faster. This results in lower costs and greater productivity. Other positive benefits include better company morale and retention. A small investment in employee health can pay big dividends.

2. Apply for a safety grant through MIOSHA

We reported last month on safety equipment purchased with MIOSHA grant money that saved a person’s life. MIOSHA awards grants on an annual basis for the development and implementation of safety and health training across the state. Grant requests for 2016 are open now. More safety and training means less workplace accidents!

3. Strive for better communication

We regularly get telephone calls from individuals who don’t know anything about their workers comp benefits. They have legitimate questions about medical care and lost wages. This is a failure on the part of the employer who should have explained the process. We think honest communication with your employees is the best way to avoid unnecessary litigation. Most of our clients simply want to recover and get back to work.

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