Make the best of medical care under workers’ compensation (Part 1 of 3)

Tips to get the most out of your medical care under workers’ compensation in Michigan.

We have written several blog posts about medical care. How it is the most important benefit under workers’ compensation. Michigan law requires employers or their insurance companies to pay for all reasonable treatment. This includes doctor visits, physical therapy, injections, prescription medications, hospital stays, and surgery. Here are some tips to get the most out of your medical care.

Tip 1: Choose your own doctor

Insurance companies want to control your medical care. This reduces overall costs and lets them manipulate work restrictions. Occupational clinics are frequently used and subpar medical attention is provided. Michigan law allows a person to select his or her own doctor after 28 days. We tell our clients to find a doctor who has their best interests at heart and will support the claim if benefits are disputed.

Tip 2: Get a second opinion

Many of the people who call our office are dissatisfied with their medical recovery. We tell them to get a second opinion from a doctor they trust. Second opinions are covered under workers’ compensation. All options should be considered when dealing with a serious and potentially life changing disability.

Tip 3: Follow medical advice/restrictions

We do not recommend changing work restrictions to accommodate an employer. This inevitably backfires when the job is later taken away. Following medical advice is the best way to ensure a quick recovery and to protect your workers’ compensation benefits.

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