Injured at work? Advice from a Michigan workers comp lawyer

What you need to know now to protect your rights and obtain your workers compensation benefits

Featured Video: Injured at work? Advice from a Michigan workers comp lawyer

Presented by: Alex Berman, workers comp attorney and founder of Alex Berman Law PC

Description: This video reaches out to people who have been injured on the job and do not know what to do next – whether they’re receiving workers comp benefits, or their benefits have been denied or unreasonably terminated. Here, Alex Berman explains the important role of a lawyer in obtaining workers compensation benefits after an at-work accident. He also discusses what it’s like navigate through the workers comp system in Michigan – with all of its unexpected and upsetting “landmines.” Alex reviews the two biggest “landmines” that accident victims are usually unaware of: the correct workers comp wage loss rate (as injured people are usually being paid too little) and being allowed to treat with the doctor of your choice 28 days following an injury. Finally, Alex gives advice on how to protect yourself once you’ve found a trusted workers compensation attorney.

Length: 3 minutes 17 seconds

Video Transcript:

I’m Alex Berman, and I’m a workers comp attorney. I’ve been practicing almost exclusively workers comp for more than 30 years. It’s my job to help people who are injured or disabled on the job, who are either denied benefits, or their benefits have been terminated.

Why is a workers comp lawyer important?

Many people are intimidated by lawyers. Many people are suspicious of lawyers, or fearful. But I need you to understand that without a lawyer on your side — somebody who understands what you’re going through; someone who cares about you and your problems, your financial situation, your medical situation — you are not going to be able to succeed in getting the benefits you’re entitled to. In my practice, I take my clients’ interests to heart. I get involved with their problems, their financial situation as well as their medical benefits.

Tell me what the workers comp system is like for injured people?

I like to look at workers comp, the whole situation, as sort of a minefield. You’re in the workers comp system at one end of the minefield and you know you have to get through this. You don’t know where the mines are. You’re trying to get to the other end without blowing yourself up. Well, the insurance company or the employer, they’ve planted all these mines. I know where the mines are. I can get you through the minefield without blowing up. Basically getting your benefits and making sure at the end that you get everything you’re entitled to, and that the insurance company or the employer does not have the opportunity to cheat you out of your benefits.

What are the biggest “landmines” for people injured at work?

Of all the landmines, to me, the biggest and most tragic is when people don’t know what their rights are. They don’t try to find out what they’re entitled to under the Michigan Workers Comp Act. There are two examples that I see all the time. First is people who are receiving workers comp and they’re receiving too little. Their comp rate is too low and they have no clue, no idea as to what the correct comp rates should be. Second is where I see clients that are treating with doctors that are selected by the employer or the insurance company, and they don’t know that they have the right to treat with their own doctor – whatever doctor they want – after 10 days following injury (Note: Due to recent changes in the law, you must now wait 28 days to choose your own doctor or to seek a second opinion.). I see these things all the time and there are many more. These things are so easy to resolve. If you could just make an appointment to come in and see a competent workers comp attorney at no cost, so many of these problems could be avoided. So many of these rights that people are being denied can be taken care of.

What should I do next?

If you find a lawyer that you trust, a lawyer you feel confident in and feel comfortable with, then that’s the lawyer for you. You need to see that lawyer as soon as possible. Again, just to get the information you need about:

  • What your rights are.
  • What you’re entitled to.
  • What you need to do.
  • And what you should not do.

Those things are invaluable to anyone that’s been injured – whether you’re receiving comp benefits or not.

You’re not alone, our workers compensation attorneys can help

If you’ve been injured at work and don’t know where to turn, feel free to call on of our Michigan workers comp lawyers at no charge: (855) 221-2667. We are here to answer all of your questions. And we can help you if your workers compensation benefits are being denied or terminated.

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