Dangers of working in extreme weather conditions

Climate change is now a workplace hazard and how it is impacting people who must work outside.

The New York Times published a fascinating article regarding climate change and its impact on the working poor. It is now considered a health hazard and workers down south are starting to pay the price. Pollution, rising temperatures, and extreme weather have caused increased risk of danger. Many of the working poor cannot afford to leave these jobs or geographical areas.

Michigan is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. People working outside in the winter experience dangers from subzero temperatures and slippery ice/snow. Summer presents its own challenges with dehydration and heat stroke. Climate change is only going to make our Michigan weather even more extreme.

Many of our clients have no choice about working outside. Extreme weather conditions are just part of the job. Getting hurt entitles a person to workers’ compensation benefits. This includes wage loss and medical treatment. But is that enough for the hardship that is endured?

We believe climate change is a serious problem and more needs to be done for the people who are impacted. It is not just polar bears and ice caps anymore. Our federal government must take steps to address this situation and politics should never get in the way of helping people.

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