Can I get attendant care for “on-call” time?

Understanding attendant care benefits under Michigan workers’ comp and how family members can get paid for their on-call time.

Attendant care is a benefit that insurance companies never talk about. It is intended to help a disabled person with activities of daily living. Family members can receive up to 56 paid hours each week at market rates.

Examples include help using the bathroom, bathing, getting dressed, walking, serving meals, taking medication, giving intravenous fluids, and wound care. Ordinary household tasks are not covered.

Insurance companies often pay too little for attendant care. Hours get capped for no good reason and the rate of pay is too low.

Michigan law even allows a family member to get paid for the time he or she is on-call despite not actually providing any services. The fact that a family member might use on-call time to perform household tasks or engage in leisure activities does not remove the need for the care. This is especially true in situations where immediate need might arise suddenly and unpredictably.

We tell our clients to keep a record of all services performed. Write down the date, time, and activity on a piece of paper. This information should be presented to the insurance company for payment.

Insurance companies dispute attendant care because of the enormous expense that can occur. We have seen some cases where attendant care far exceeds wage loss benefits. Contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer if attendant care benefits are denied.

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