Workers’ Comp Future Medical Buyout: What You Need To Know

Michigan workers’ comp lawyer discusses future medical buyout and how to get paid.

Workers' Comp Future Medical Buyout: What You Need To Know

We represent individuals who are hurt on-the-job. It does not matter how the workplace accident occurred so long as it arose out of the course and scope of employment. Medical bills are guaranteed to be paid if reasonable and necessary. Here is what everyone should know about a workers’ comp future medical buyout.

About Work Injury Benefits

Treatment for a work-related injury is 100% covered by insurance regardless of fault under the law. Items like ambulance trips, emergency room visits, hospital stays, doctor appointments, prescription medication, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, injections, and surgery should be paid. There is never any copayments or deductibles owed for treatment under work injury law. Mileage and travel expenses should also be reimbursed when appropriate.

Family members can get paid up to 56 hours each week at professional rates for helping with activities of daily living. This includes assistance with moving around, getting dressed, taking medications, wound care, using the bathroom, bathing, and meal preparation. If family members are not available or more than 56 hours is needed, a nurse can be hired. The value of this medical benefit often exceeds weekly wage loss checks so do not leave money on the table.

Home modifications are also something that is covered under work injury law. This includes items like wheelchair ramps, widening doorways, bathroom accessibility, and kitchen remodels. Some of our clients even get new houses because it is a cheaper than modifying their existing living situation. Individuals who own a motor vehicle can get modifications like ramps and hand controls installed.

About Work Injury Settlements

Many of our clients decide that a workers’ comp future medical buyout is their best option. This allows them to trade their treatment for a lump sum cash payment. The amount paid is going to depend upon how much medical treatment is needed. Watch out for insurance companies who underestimate medical treatment using peer review of independent medical examinations. Never accept a low-ball settlement offer without speaking to an experienced work injury lawyer first.

All work-related injury settlements must be approved at a redemption hearing. This is when a magistrate reviews medical evidence and hears testimony on why a workers’ comp future medical buyout is appropriate. There is a 15-day appeal period that must expire before any money is paid out. Settlement disbursement should be outlined on a redemption order.

It is also very important that Medicare’s interest be considered with any workers’ comp future medical buyout. This is a concern anytime someone has an expectation of Medicare eligibility. Examples include when someone is close to age 65 or has applied for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI). This is a complicated legal process and if done incorrectly could jeopardize entitlement to future health insurance. We recommend speaking with an experienced attorney before any settlement or payout is considered.

Michigan Workers Comp Lawyers never charges a fee to evaluate a potential case. Our law firm has represented injured and disabled workers exclusively for more than 35 years. Call (844) 316-8033 for a free consultation today.

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Workers\' Comp Future Medical Buyout: What You Need To Know
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