Workers’ Comp Settlement For Cervical Fusion Explained

Workers' Comp Settlement For Cervical Fusion Explained

Work injury attorney explains factors that go into a workers’ comp settlement for a cervical fusion in Michigan and how to make sure a fair amount is paid.

Disabled employees want to know about workers’ comp settlement for a cervical fusion in Michigan and how to protect their legal rights. This is common because most people on collecting work injury benefits are treated poorly by their employer and its insurance company. There is a real fear that these much needed benefits will be cut-off suddenly and the person will be unable to support his or her family.

Michigan law allows people to trade medical and wage loss benefits for a lump sum cash payment. This allows them to finish medical treatment and vocational rehabilitation on their own terms. It is an attractive option for disabled employees who want to move on with their lives.

Common diagnoses and treatment

Some of the most difficult work injury cases involve problems with the cervical spine. Common diagnoses include herniated disc, annular tear, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, and other deformities that need to be repaired. Individuals with a cervical spine injury can experience symptoms of chronic pain that radiates down their upper extremities, causes general weakness, and results in frequent headaches.

If a disabled employee has always done heavy labor, the transition to a sedentary job can be almost impossible. Even activities of daily living can be much harder when someone has problems turning their neck or lifting items.

Individuals who are diagnosed with a cervical neck injury can undergo treatment in the form of physical therapy, prescription medications, injections, and surgery. A neck fusion is a surgical procedure that permanently connects two or more vertebrae. Metal plates, screws, and rods may be used to hold the vertebrae together, so they can heal into one solid unit. Some people who undergo surgery develop additional problems at levels below and above the fused portion.

Permanent work restrictions and lifetime medical checkups

Unfortunately, while surgery can reduce radicular symptoms (pain down the arm), it usually does not eliminate neck pain entirely. Many of our clients have permanent work restrictions and require lifetime medical checkups. They can have trouble working for long periods of time, turning their neck, and lifting items. Applying for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) is usually the next step.

Average workers’ comp settlement for cervical fusion

There isn’t a specified average workers’ comp settlement for a cervical fusion in Michigan. Statistics published by the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency show the average payout amount for a work-related injury in Michigan was $59,235.42 in 2020.

The amount paid for a workers’ comp settlement for a cervical fusion depends upon several factors. Insurance companies look at future medical needs and how long a person will be disabled from employment. A person’s age, education, and occupation play critical roles.

Watch out for insurance companies who make lowball settlement offers. This is typically based upon biased medical reports from so called “independent” doctors. The truth is that insurance companies use the same physicians over and over again because they expect a cut-off.

Vocational counselors will also be hired to perform labor market surveys. It will be found that a disabled employee has a post-injury wage earning capacity (PIWEC) and weekly checks get slashed. It does not matter if the job truly exists!

What is a good payout amount for a workers’ comp settlement for cervical fusion?

We tell our clients that a good workers’ comp settlement for a cervical fusion pays enough to cover future medical treatment and years of wage loss benefits. An experienced work injury attorney can develop medical and vocational evidence so that a fair settlement is paid. It is also important to protect entitlement to other government benefits like Medicare when a settlement is contemplated.

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