Uber To Emergency Room After A Workplace Accident Explained

Warning about taking an Uber to the emergency room after a workplace accident in Michigan.

Uber To Emergency Room After A Workplace Accident Explained

We previously blogged about how people are using ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft for hospital visits. It is far cheaper than an ambulance ride when someone does not have health insurance. Medical professionals worry about this trend because ridesharing platforms are not equipped to deal with medical emergencies and people can die. Watch out for the employers who insists that workers’ comp won’t pay for an ambulance ride and urge you take an Uber to the emergency room.

We find this topic fascinating because our clients experience something very similar. They are sent to industrial clinics in private automobiles when an ambulance to the hospital is the much better option. Coworkers, who have no medical knowledge or training, are told to take them to the employer clinic first. We had a client suffer amputation of her fingers and still be told that she must be checked out at the employer clinic. She was quickly sent to the emergency room, but precious time had already been wasted.

Bad Employers Want To Avoid Filing Workers’ Comp Claims

Our experience also shows that bad employers ask people to lie about how they got hurt. This is done to avoid filing a workers’ comp claim and save money on insurance premiums. Employer promises to pay medical and lost wages under the table are rarely kept. Taking an Uber to the emergency room can be a big mistake and then lying about how the accident occurred will surely jeopardize any future recovery under workers’ comp.

No Need To Uber To The Emergency Room After A Workplace Accident

Why Uber to the emergency room when workers’ comp should pay the ambulance bill in full? Michigan law requires employers to cover all reasonable and necessary medical treatment under workers’ comp. This includes ambulance runs, emergency room visits, hospital stays, doctor appointments, mileage reimbursement, medication, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, and surgery. There should never be any copayments or deductibles owed by the employee. There is no maximum amount or limit to what is covered.

Employers are given sole authority to choose medical providers during the first 28 days. Unfortunately, most people are sent to industrial clinics where subpar medical care is provided. We have seen clients get diagnosed with sprains or strains when it is much more serious. Specialists might not even be consulted for weeks.

Michigan courts have found that an employee can select a hospital before the 28 day period runs under appropriate circumstances. It can be argued that emergency medical care must be paid regardless of who selected the facility. This is true for ambulance rides as well when immediate medical care is needed. Do not fall into the trap of being forced into taking an Uber to the emergency room. Make sure to call an experienced workers’ comp lawyer if medical bills are not getting paid.

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Uber To Emergency Room After A Workplace Accident Explained
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