Injured At Company Event: Can I File A Workers’ Comp Claim?

Injured At Company Event: Can I File A Workers' Comp Claim?

We sometimes see Michigan employees who are injured at a company event. They are playing a team sport like softball or doing some other social and recreational activity. A frequent question asked is whether they would be entitled to workers’ comp benefits should an accident occur. There are no hard and fast rules to resolve this question because each situation must be evaluated based upon its own specific set of facts. Here is some information that everyone should know before agreeing to a team sport or heading to the company picnic.

Getting hurt while attending a sporting event, bar crawl, or the company picnic does happen. Many businesses have company teams and encourage employees to mingle with coworkers. This promotes teamwork and can be used for networking. People who are injured at a company event in Michigan should make a claim for workers’ comp benefits to protect legal rights.

Employees who are hurt on-the-job are supposed to receive workers’ comp benefits. This pays for all medical treatment without any copayments or deductibles being owed. It also pays for lost wages equal to 80% of an employee’s after-tax average weekly wage. Many people eventually settle their workers’ comp claims for a lump sum cash payment.

Was attendance and participation mandatory?

Employees are protected under workers’ comp from the very moment they start a job. But getting injured at a company event in Michigan must arise out of and in the course of employment to be covered under workers’ comp. Social and recreational activities generally do not fall into this category because there is no benefit to the employer. However, an exception would be when attendance and participation at a company event is mandatory.

A good example is the company softball team. Normally an employee would not be covered under workers’ comp if they got hurt playing with coworkers on their own time. However, if the boss required participation as a condition of their job, then it should be classified as arising out of and in the course of employment. Even indirect pressure from a boss to participate might be enough to qualify an employee for workers’ comp benefits.

Location plays a factor

Some Michigan workers’ comp cases have been decided based upon location when an employee is injured at a company event. An employee may be covered under workers’ comp if they are on the employer’s premises when the accident occurs. This is true even if the activity was strictly social and recreational.

We recommend that an employee who finds their workers’ comp benefits disputed, after getting injured at a company event in Michigan, contact an experienced attorney who knows all the rules. Never blindly accept a denial without having the situation evaluated based upon its own merits. The advice is free and there is only a charge if workers’ comp benefits are recovered.

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