Specific loss benefits under workers comp

Michigan workers comp attorney explains how a specific loss of a body part could result in substantial workers comp benefits.

Our workers comp attorneys want you to know about your legal rights. When you suffer an injury at work, the last thing you should worry about is payment of workers comp benefits.

How much is paid for a specific loss under workers comp

Michigan law provides a schedule for specific loss benefits. This is the minimum number of weeks that you will receive wage loss benefits regardless of whether you can work or not.

Thumb: 65 weeks.                          Great toe: 33 weeks.

First finger: 38 weeks.                   Other toes: 11 weeks. 

Second finger: 33 weeks.               Arm: 269 weeks.

Third finger: 22 weeks.                 Leg: 215 weeks.

Fourth finger: 16 weeks.               Foot: 162 weeks.

Hand: 215 weeks.                          Eye: 162 weeks.

You can get more benefits after the specific loss period has ended

You could be entitled to additional wage loss benefits if you are still disabled after a specific loss period ends. The test is whether your injury prevents you from doing any other work within your qualifications and training that would pay your maximum pre-injury wages.

Why you need an experienced workers comp attorney

Insurance companies frequently make mistakes and they are never in your favor. For example, specific loss benefits are supposed to be paid consecutively not concurrently. This means that if you lose two fingers in a work accident, you should receive 38 weeks of wage loss for the first finger and then another 38 weeks of wage loss for the second finger right after.

Another example is when the insurance company improperly reduces your benefits based upon where the amputation occurred.  For example, the loss of the first phalange of any finger, shall be considered to be equal to the loss of 1/2 of that finger, and compensation shall be 1/2 of the amount specified. The loss of more than 1 phalange shall be considered as the loss of the entire finger.

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