How a work injury can affect your family

Workers comp lawyer in Michigan tells you how an injury at work can have a serious affect on your family and why you need to ask for help.

We frequently blog about the challenges facing people who are hurt on-the-job. Sometimes lost in this discussion is the effect on family and loved ones.

A serious work injury can put a tremendous strain both financially and emotionally on a family. This is especially true if one person was the primary source of income.

Activities of daily living may become impossible for the injured worker without help and assistance. This could change the family dynamic and how members relate to each other.

Attendant care

Workers comp pays benefits to individuals who are hurt at work. This includes the payment of attendant care. This is an important benefit because it can offer some relief for your family.

Attendant care covers activities of daily living that are difficult or impossible because of the work injury. Some examples include wound care, help with walking, bathing, using the bathroom, eating, dressing, and taking medications. Sometimes just sitting with the family member is medically necessary.

The attendant care benefit is unlimited and should be paid by the insurance company if prescribed by a doctor. Most of the time a skilled professional will be hired to provide these services. This frees the family from additional burdens and can preserve a person’s dignity.

Family members can even receive payment for up to 56 hours per week for providing attendant care services. A spouse, brother, sister, child, parent or any combination of these persons can receive payment directly from workers comp.  A family member is generally entitled to the same hourly rate as a professional.

Asking for help

The insurance company will never volunteer to pay for attendant care. The injured worker must obtain a prescription from his or her doctor and request this benefit.

Some insurance companies will dispute the need for attendant care or argue about how many hours are necessary. Get help from an experienced workers comp lawyer who can make sure the insurance company lives up to its legal obligations.

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