Workers’ comp cannot pay claims that it does not know are in existence

How to protect legal rights when an employer refuses to make a workers’ comp claim in Michigan?

Claim FormYesterday’s blog post was about different strategies to get small medical bills paid. Included was a suggestion to call the insurance company directly and see if payment slipped through the cracks. This often fixes many problems.

What happens when the employer refuses to make a claim in the first place? Workers’ comp cannot pay claims it does not know about. This is a constant problem that we see firsthand. It hurts employees who are struggling to put food on the table and get medical treatment covered.

Some employers refuse to submit claims because they fear higher insurance premiums. Others have misrepresented some fact and worry this premium fraud will be exposed.

Michigan law requires payment of lost wages and medical treatment under workers’ comp. It is not up to the employer to decide if a claim should be filed. Employees have 90 days to report it and 2 years to make a claim. Watch out for employers who say they do not have required insurance or make false promises to pay cash under the table.

If an employer refuses to cooperate after a workplace accident, file the Employee’s Report of Claim (Form WC-117). The Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) will send automatic notice to the employer and its insurance carrier. This will ensure legal rights are protected and get the claim started.

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