How To Report A Work Related Injury In Michigan: Here’s What To Know

How To Report A Work Related Injury: Here’s What To Know

Most of our clients never imaged getting hurt on-the-job. They feel lost and confused when it comes to how to report a work related injury in Michigan. Will their boss get mad at them? Is their job at risk? Here is a quick overview of the process and what to expect at each step.

Michigan workers’ comp law is designed to protect employees who are hurt on-the-job. It pays for medical treatment and lost wages regardless of fault. In exchange, employers get protection from civil lawsuits. Workers’ comp is a type of insurance, and it is not welfare or some free ride.

Please remember that it is illegal to retaliate or otherwise discriminate against an employee who asserts his or her legal rights under workers’ comp. Watch out for employers who punish through demotion, changing hours, modifying duties, less pay, or termination. These actions can lead to a separate lawsuit for additional damages.

How long to report a work related injury?

In Michigan, you have 90 days to report a work related injury. This can be oral so simply telling a manger or supervisor that you were hurt is enough. However, it is a good idea to fill out an accident report so there is written proof. If your employer does not have a form, just make one yourself.

Never wait overnight or until the following shift to report a work related injury in Michigan as this is a red flag that employers use to dispute claims. They think everyone gets hurt at home and tries to claim workers’ comp as a free paid vacation. It is normal for people to want to wait but this is a bad idea. We think better safe than sorry so report it right away.

Make a claim for workers’ comp benefits within 2 years

Individuals who want to know how to report a work related injury in Michigan should also know about making a claim. This is required to have medical treatment or lost wages paid under workers’ comp. Claim must be made within 2 years of the workplace accident. Simply asking a manager or supervisor to see a doctor under workers’ comp is enough. However, it is a good idea to ask for medical treatment or lost wages in writing so there is no question that it was done timely. A simple email or text message should be enough.

Watch out for bad employers who refuse to accept claim because they are trying to game the workers’ comp system. They promise to pay medical bills and lost wages under the table if a person just lies about how it happened. This is a trap and can be used to dispute payment in the future.

What if the employer won’t cooperate?

If you try to report a work related injury in Michigan but the employer won’t cooperate you can file an Employee’s Report of Claim with the State of Michigan, and it will automatically start the process. It will be up to the insurance company to either approve or deny workers’ comp benefits.

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