Workers’ Comp Spinal Cord Injury Claim: Know Your Legal Rights

Work injury attorney discusses a workers comp spinal cord injury claim in Michigan and important benefits the insurance company won’t always explain.

Workers’ Comp Spinal Cord Injury Claim: Know Your Legal Rights

A workers’ comp spinal cord injury can turn a person’s life upside down. It can result in lifetime medical expenses and permanent work restrictions. Chronic pain and weakness can interfere with the ability to live a normal life. Some people develop paralysis that interferes with their ability to walk or move. Michigan law protects employees who are hurt on-the-job. Here is a breakdown of what the insurance company should be paying.

Legal right to medical treatment after a workers’ comp spinal cord injury claim in Michigan

Access to medical care is one of the most important benefits when someone has a workers’ comp spinal cord injury claim in Michigan. All reasonable and necessary medical treatment should be covered. This includes ambulance trips, emergency room visits, hospital stays, doctor appointments, home nursing care, medications, physical therapy, injections, surgery, and durable medical equipment.

Family members can be paid up to 56 hours each week for helping with activities of daily living. This is called attendant care and a doctor needs to write a prescription for the number of hours required. How much should be paid depends upon the type of services rendered but it should generally add up to what a professional would charge.

Insurance companies should also pay mileage to and from medical appointments. Travel reimbursement rates are .56 cents per mile for 2021. It is also possible to get reimbursement for meals and lodging when travelling a far distance for necessary medical treatment.

Legal right to home and vehicle modifications

Workman’s compensation also pays for home and vehicle modifications. The insurance company is responsible for modifying a house, so it is livable. Some items that are covered include wheelchair ramps, widening doorways, lowering kitchen cabinets, and making bathrooms accessible. Insurance companies can also be made to modify a vehicle. Adding a wheelchair ramp and hand controls are very common.

Legal right to lost wages after a workers’ comp spinal injury claim

Individuals who have a workers’ comp spinal cord injury claim in Michigan should also get wage loss benefits. The amount is based upon the highest 39 paid weeks out of the 52 paid weeks before the workplace injury occurred. Eighty percent of the after-tax average weekly wage should be paid.

Watch out for insurance companies who try to reduce the weekly rate based upon post-injury wage earning capacity (PIWEC). This is when they say a person is only partially disabled and can find another job somewhere else. It is never a fair assessment and must be challenged.

Legal right to vocational rehabilitation

Some people who have a workers’ comp spinal cord injury claim in Michigan want to find a new career. It is possible to get the insurance company to cover two years of vocational rehabilitation. This money can be used for education and retraining. Watch out for vocational counselors who are hired to simply find a new job and do not have best interests at heart.

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