Treating a meniscus injury with stem cells

Study published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery examines how stem cells can be used for treatment of meniscus injury.

We are always fascinated by new medical treatments and scientific breakthroughs. These advancements  are important to our clients who are suffering from disabling medical conditions. Here is some promising news regarding meniscus injury.

A study published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery found evidence of meniscus regeneration and improvement in knee pain following a single knee injection with allogeneic human mesenchymal stem cells. A total of fifty-five patients underwent the procedure after a partial medial meniscectomy.

Results showed evidence of meniscus regeneration and improvement in knee pain following treatment. This study opens the door to future study of human mesenchymal stem cells for knee-tissue regeneration and protective effects.

Experimental medical procedures under workers compensation

Surgery is common for people who suffer work-related knee injuries. Meniscectomy is a procedure used to treat a torn meniscus. It is usually outpatient and minimally invasive. Many people get back to work just weeks after surgery.

Unfortunately, some individuals continue to have lingering pain and difficulty. Additional medical treatments, if reasonable and necessary, should be covered under Michigan workers compensation.

Experimental medical procedures are mostly disputed. So don’t count on having a stem cell injection anytime soon. What about future treatment when it is an accepted procedure?

Coverage for medical treatment can last a lifetime but there are limitations. Case law suggests that an employer might not be responsible after several years. The extent to which a specific procedure is necessary to relieve the effects of the original work injury will need to be examined.

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