Repairing a torn meniscus with stem cells

Innovative research shows the future of meniscus repair using stem cell treatment. published an interesting article about stem cells being used to fix torn cartilage in sheep. It involves a 3d printed biodegradable plastic model filled with proteins that attract stem cells from the bone marrow. Researchers implanted the device and were able to grow healthy tissue to create a patch. This approach could theoretically allow human patients to regrow their own meniscus.

Knee injuries are some of the most common types of cases that we handle so this news is fascinating. The meniscus is tough and rubbery cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in the knee. It can be torn from twisting motions while bearing weight. These types of injuries cause pain, inflammation, and interfere with normal movement of the joint. Treatment consists of medication, physical therapy, and arthroscopic surgery.

Insurance companies frequently dispute meniscus claims. It is common to hear that problems are degenerative or just part of the ageing process. Here is what you should know about protecting your legal rights.


Insurance companies do not want to accept responsibility because of the costs associated with medical treatment. Arthritis is used as a “magic bullet” to dispute the payment of workers comp benefits. The truth is that almost everyone develops some knee arthritis as they get older. It is up to your physician to determine the cause of pain and appropriate treatment. Developing a meniscus tear is good evidence that something traumatic did occur.

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Insurance companies frequently dispute claims based upon an IME. It is important to challenge these biased medical opinions in court. A magistrate will consider what your doctor says and review medical records. Many cases are won or lost depending upon what the initial records show. Did you have preexisting complaints of knee pain? Did you report an injury right away? Speak with your doctor about the cause of knee pain and whether your meniscus tear is from trauma.

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